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Leon Hutchinson

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I’m Leon and I’ve been passionately working as a personal trainer for 15 years. I’ve gathered thousands of hours experience one to one training, thousands of hours one to one coaching, as well as years of experience training trainers. Now I’d like to share some of that experience with you. Through my life as a trainer, a father, and a husband I’ve come to realise how important time and energy is to me and my clients. When you have a career that you’ve been working on for as long as you can remember, a family that is everything to you and hobbies where you must perform. You need to turn up strong, fresh and ready to go every single time. That’s where I come in. I will help you with your diet, your exercise and your lifestyle. My philosophy is that I build a healthy profile around your goals, your habits and your fitness level. I prioritise your needs and your time. I won’t make you do things because they look good on Instagram. Or hop onto the latest fad because somebodies’ friend does it. I follow scientific methods that are proven to work and choose the path that will give you the best return for your efforts possible. 

My services

Online coaching

  • Personal meal plan
  • Customized workout program
  • Login to an online tracker
  • 1 on 1 chat with me
  • Continuous updates on plans

Personal training

  • 1:1 træningssessions med mig i fitness center
  • Training and coaching during the sessions
  • Customized diet plan
  • Training programs tailored for you
  • Continuous updates of plans and programs


  • Personal meal plan
  • Customized workout program
  • Login to an online tracker
  • 1 on 1 chat with me
  • Continuous updates on plans
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Results are the measure of succes. 

Here’s what some of my clients say about me.

Client stories


Kasper came to me after being very ill and taking medicine that made him put on weight. He needed help getting stronger, building some muscles, correcting his posture and dropping a bit of body fat. Here’s what happened.


Maj-Britt woke up one morning, looked at herself in the mirror and didn’t like what she saw. She decided that she needed to make some change. With a busy career and a family to run she needed help to get her figure back and feel healthy again. Here’s what happened.

People that are my clients

Don’t compromise the things that matter most. 

Most of my clients find themselves in a demanding and fast paced working environment. It is the perfect combination of being able to work efficiently, be there for your family, and live a healthy life that I try to help my clients achieve.The clients I help usually find themselves in a position of executives, managers, high level sports profiles – and a lot of up coming, young, and ambitious people who strive to be the best in their industry.For the +40 I usually hear this: “I use to be fit, but as the years have passed by, my fitness, body flexibility, strength “has left the building”. I want to get back on track, to be able to be there 100% on work and for my family, you know.. Feel 25 again”. While  the below 40 say: “Be fitter than ever to beat the top in the company.” Does it sound familiar? Then we should talk. You should see me as the guy that give you the energy and fitness to perform at your best. Some of my clients sometimes tell me: “Leon, you are like my cook at home. I just can’t live with out.”

Lets get started!

You know what you want, and I know how to get you there.
I’ve work with people who have demanding carriers and busy lives. I strive to make programs that are achievable and effective. If you want to work hard and get great results I am the right choice for you.